Cora 10 Month Old Female Indie Dog for Adoption in Chennai

Cora is a 10-month-old indie pup abandoned by a previous owner, looking for a second chance at a happy home. Cora is a laid-back pup but loves to play and explore. She’s a curious little girl who loves to sniff around and check out new surroundings. When she’s not busy being curious. She loves to be snuggled up next to her humans.

Cora is 10 month old, female indie dog. She is a very active and intelligent indie female dog, Cora is a perfect pet and will be a great addition to the family. She is very joyful in nature and loves to eat chicken & egg rice, dog food, and supplements.

  • Age – 10 Month Old
  • Gender – Female
  • Breed – Indie Dog
  • Vaccination – Done
  • Deworming – Done
  • Leash Trained, Pee/Poop Trained – Done
  • Nature – Trained & Friendly with Humans & Dogs
  • Neutered – Done
  • Connect on 9042903292 for Adoption
  • Location – Chennai


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