Indie Pups for Adoption in Gurgaon

The following litioos have spent their first weeks in a happy home, receiving all the care from their Mumma and us, hoomans. We are looking to get them adopted into the best homes, with people who understand what it means to bring home a pet.

Meet Noor, the girl with a big heart and an even bigger personality. She had a friend named Alex, the cutest boy in the neighborhood. They loved hanging out, playing for hours, and just being silly together. One day, their friendship took a different turn, and bam, they had 8 stunning pups. You have to meet Noor to know how kind, affectionate, trusting and intelligent she is. Alex too is a smart, playful, and loving boy.
So as is predictable, their children are nothing short of AMAZING!

  • Age – 6-Week-old
  • Breed – Indie
  • Vaccination – Fully vaccinated
  • Health – Strong
  • Location – Gurgaon
  • Contact number – 9999428760 (WhatsApp Only)


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