Mira 2 Month Old Female Indie Dog for Adoption in Hyderabad

Meet Mira, a 2-month-old female indie dog. She is a playful and affectionate puppy who loves to play with toys and cuddle with her family. She is up to date on her vaccinations and has been dewormed. She is currently living in Hyderabad and is in need of a loving forever home. Mira is a great companion for a family or an individual who has the time and resources to provide her with proper training and care.

Mira is 2 month old, female indie dog. She is a very active and intelligent indie female dog, making him a perfect pet for a family. Mira is very joyful in nature and loves to eat chicken rice.

  • Age – 2 Month Old
  • Gender – Female
  • Breed – Indie Dog
  • Vaccination – Done
  • Potty/Pee Training – Done
  • Food – Eggs, Gravy & Chicken Rice
  • Nature – Friendly with humans & dogs
  • Health – Strong
  • Location –¬†Hyderabad
  • Contact Number – 7989729707


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