Stella 6 Month Old Female Husky Dog for Adoption in Bangalore

6-month-old female husky dog looking for a forever home in Bangalore or nearby cities. Stella is a healthy, intelligent, and human-friendly dog.

Stella is 6 month old, female indie dog. She is a very active and intelligent indie female dog, Stella is a perfect pet and will be a great addition to the family. She is very joyful in nature and loves to eat chicken & egg rice, dog food, and supplements.

  • Age – 6 Month Old
  • Gender – Female
  • Breed – Husky Dog
  • Vaccination – Done
  • Deworming – Done
  • Leash Trained, Pee/Poop Trained – Done
  • Nature – Trained & Friendly with Humans & Dogs
  • Neutered – Done
  • Connect on 9110698650 for Adoption
  • Location – Bangalore


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